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Quick Start Guide

Step 1: Run the program
Follow Start > All Programs > Free Registry Defrag > Eusing Free Registry Defrag.
Or just double click the Eusing Free Registry Defrag icon on your Desktop.

Step 2: Analyze the Windows registry for fragment.
Registry Defrag will check the level of registry fragmentation.

Step 3: Review the analyzing result.
You will be able to review the fragmentation report to choose whether defragment the registry.

Step 4: Defrag the registry and restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Command line options:

"/Silent" will run the software be unattended. Than analyze the Windows registry and defrag the registry. After defragmentation, the software will restart the computer.
For example: "C:\Program Files\Eusing Free Registry Defrag\RegDefrag.exe  /Silent".


  1. During compacting, your computer may run slowly or seems freezing, please be patient and we suggest you not use the computer during the operation.

  2. To ensure proper operation of Eusing Free Registry Defrag, you should be logged in as a system administrator.

  3. It's extremely recommended to close all other applications before running this tool.

  4. After the 'Analyze Registry' is completed, a compacted version of the current Registry is created in a temporary location. When the user clicks 'Defrag Registry' button, the software prompts the user to reboot Windows (which is compulsory), and then replaces the current Registry with the compacted one already created. To avoid possible data loss, do not run other applications while the tool is processing your Registry. If not, these applications may end up writing data to the old Registry which will be replaced by the compacted one upon reboot resulting in data loss and possible application malfunction thereafter.

  5. After optimization and reboot, Windows Server 2003 will, by default, display the shutdown event tracker during logon asking why the system has been shut down unexpectedly. This is because the information that the shutdown was in fact an expected one is written to the "old" registry during shutdown of the system. That "old" registry is replaced by the optimized registry next time the system is booted; so the shutdown info is discarded making shutdown event tracker to think the system crashed. If you wish to disable this behavior of the tracker, view the Windows help on how to do.

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