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Eusing Free File Recovery 2.0

Platform: Windows 10/11


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If you can't locate a lost file from your backup, then you can use Eusing Free File Recovery.

The Windows Team has quietly rolled out a file recovery tool in the Microsoft Store, which can be used to recover deleted files from your Windows 10 or 11 computer. You may not have heard of it unless you are familiar with the command-line tool, or CMD. It's Windows File Recovery, which is a command line app available from the Microsoft Store. Use this app to try to recover lost files that have been deleted from your local storage device (including internal drives, external drives, and USB devices) and canít be restored from the Recycle Bin.

But many people are not familiar with using command line mode, and Eusing Free File Recovery provides a user interface. It adds a graphical user interface (GUI) to Microsoft Windows File Recovery, making it more accessible to anyone who does not like the command prompt.

Launch the software and wait for it to identify your drives. Select the drive you wish to examine and a folder to save any recovered files. You will need a second hard drive or even a thumb drive as you can't and shouldn't save recovered files to the drive being scanned. The source and destination drives must be different. The software will automatically create a recovery folder for you called, Recovery_<date and time> on the destination drive.

There are two scanning modes: Quick Scan and Deep Scan. At the beginning, you can use Quick Scan. If you really cannot find the file you want, you can change to Deep Scan. Of course, its cost is that it will consume more recovery time. You also can scan for a specific file by using a file name, file path, file type, or wildcards.

Let this software be your choice for helping to find what you need from your hard drive, SSD (*limited by TRIM), USB drive, or memory cards.

     Key Features
  • A graphical user interface (GUI) to Microsoft Windows File Recovery (a command-line data recovery app);

  • A simple, user-friendly interface with which you can recover lost files on Windows 10 and 11;

  • Two scan modes are supported. Quick scan refers to standard mode, suitable for healthy (undamaged) NTFS drives. Deep scan will use extensive mode to thoroughly scan your drive, suitable for all file systems;

  • For photos, documents, videos and more, Free File Recovery supports many file types to help ensure that your data is not permanently lost;

  • Recover lost Windows files from SSD/HDD/USB/memory card under Windows 11/10, NTFS/FAT/exFAT;

  • 100% Spyware FREE, NOT contain any Spyware, Adware or Viruses.


      Support Eusing Free File Recovery

Eusing Free File Recovery is a freeware product, this means that you can download and use it for free. Anyway we will appreciate contributions: we will use collected money to finance new development of Free Picture Browser.

Without your support, perhaps we can't keep adding new features. Thanks for your help.

  Any donations large or small are greatly appreciated :)

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